If I ask you which is the word that you heard more than your name in the past few months? Isn’t it Corona virus??

Due to the outbreak of this perilous disease, there is an extreme change in the daily routine of everyone.

This pandemic has a lot of ill effects on society and our life. But, we can talk about that some other time. Let’s talk about what are the good things associated with it. Although, the cost that humanity is paying for these good things is way too much.

Two Sides of a story


Aren’t you bored of washing hands again and again (I know some lucky people are using sanitizer)?

Will you continue to wash your hands frequently once this is over? Will you remember how to sneeze properly? Most of you will agree to these questions because by doing something for more than a month, you turn it into a habit, which is good in this case.

This virus may disappear in some time but it will leave behind these good habits. People will be more cautious about personal hygiene.

We will continue to wash our hands regularly.

We will learn how to stand in a queue and respect other’s personal space.

We will learn how to cough and sneeze properly.

We will see the use of ‘namaste’ more often in place of shaking hands.

Rejuvenating Nature

If you ask who is getting benefited most due to this outbreak, the answer is ‘Nature’.

By now, you must have heard about the drastic change in waterways of Venice. Flora and fauna like Dolphins have been spotted down swimming and floating in the clearer water which was usually dark, murky.

We can expect a similar change in other water bodies as well.

Not only water, but the air is also getting cleaner. There is a great improvement in the Air Quality Index. I am not sure for how long this will remain the same, but it’s good to see so much green on the map.

Change in Lifestyle

This outbreak will make people more concerned about hygiene and personal care.

People will think twice before planning for a foreign trip, especially their most awaited Europe Trip. Cleanliness will be preferred while booking a hotel. We can soon expect a divider between the cab driver and the passenger.

Talking about eating habits, we will observe a decline in the consumption of non-vegetarian food. People will incline a bit more towards vegetarian food.

More time for family

For those who are working, this is going to be the longest vacation so far. You are getting so much time to spend with your family and enjoy delicious food.

Will WFH continue?

What if I ask you to do WFH for a lifetime? It’s not that much fun as people expected.

It will be interesting to see if companies adopt WFH culture, in the long run, to save costs as it requires comparatively fewer resources. Fewer cars on the road mean less traffic, less time on the road, and therefore less air pollution exposure. Commute time can be used for some other productive work.

On a lighter note, we can expect more number of cooks in a house. :P

Also,the demand for dishwashers will increase.

Let’s talk about Business…

People will be more cautious about personal hygiene. This will result in a boon for industries in the health and personal care domain.

We will see a rise in the demand for electric vehicles

The gaming industry is already flourishing.

There is an increase in the use of socialization apps.

Television is getting more viewers as people are inside their home. Just to give an idea, 197 Mn watched the address by PM Modi, surpassing 133 Mn viewership of IPL finals.

There is a 30% increase in the internet’s consumption post lock-down.

Use of tools like Zoom will continue to be high.

We can expect a lot of new startups coming out after this epidemic.

We will be skeptical about globalization. We will probably import less. Dependency on China and other foreign nations will reduce.


We will be closely knit as a family.

Respect for police forces will increase. We will see doctors as true life saviors.
We will value the people who make our lives easier, a lot more than we did before.

Let’s hope for a quick end of this epidemic so that we can march ahead to a new world full of new possibilities.