Digital Distraction

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  • Setup non-digital hours: You can allocate a specific time during the day when you will not be around any digital medium, neither phone nor laptop. You can read a book, play your favourite game(offline xD), go for a walk or spend time with your friends and family. It can be anything based on your interest.
  • Change your unlock method: You can remove fingerprint, face or eyes lock from your phone. I know you spent a good amount to get those features in your phone. But, you need to decide what you want? It’s a choice between good features and a good future. xD Alternatively, you can set up a long alphanumeric password, something really long like (abcxyz#123456797) as your screen lock. This will prevent you from unlocking your phone unnecessarily. Trust me, this will work!
  • Use Screen time monitoring tool: You can use Google’s Digital Wellbeing or Apple’s Screen Time Dashboard to see the breakdown of time that your device usage. This gives you a good idea of what apps consume your day.
  • Set your limits:You can set up an upper limit for individual apps which will turn it off on reaching that limit. You can control your notifications so that you are not looking at your phone always. There are other features like greyscale that make your digital life not so interesting and you put your phone away.
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Anurag Agrawal

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