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Recently I was talking to a friend of mine who is a big fan of Apple products after using Mac.

She mentioned that she is willing to buy an iPhone soon. Then, I gave her my view of why I didn’t buy it yet.

She was not convinced and said she is earning and she wants to gift herself. Her point of view was to enjoy when you have money (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!)

Well, that’s a good way to…

You have just woken up and the first thing you do is to check the messages on whatsapp and posts on instagram!! Are you someone who cannot start their day without their phone? Well! you are not alone, a lot of us are in the same situation.

We spend a good amount of time on our smartphone. Be it playing our favourite game, or chatting with our closed ones or scrolling endless social feed. We usually have an urge to unlock our phone and see if something new has popped up (FOMO, right?).

Link for Image:

If you check your total screen time…

How is your ‘Work From Home’ going? Is it really fun? Is it productive? Are you able to distinguish between ‘Work for Home’ and ‘Work from Home’?

Whatever your answer is, this pandemic is giving enough time for the companies to test all possibilities of working from a remote location. But the question is, will this continue for the long run? What can we expect after this pandemic is over? There are a lot of possibilities. Let’s look at some of the positives and negatives.

Positive Side

WFH provides flexibility in the working hours. You can work as per your own convenience…

If I ask you which is the word that you heard more than your name in the past few months? Isn’t it Corona virus??

Due to the outbreak of this perilous disease, there is an extreme change in the daily routine of everyone.

This pandemic has a lot of ill effects on society and our life. But, we can talk about that some other time. Let’s talk about what are the good things associated with it. Although, the cost that humanity is paying for these good things is way too much.

Two Sides of a story


Aren’t you bored of washing hands again and…

Anurag Agrawal

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